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Covering The Entire Pest Control In Vaughan With Ease

Over the years, Vaughan has seen a large increase for Pests and Wildlife. Whether bedbugs or cockroaches, they are growing at a huge number, causing trouble in residential and commercial properties.  Please give us a call Speedy Pest Control to help eliminate pests in your home once and for all.

As per the recent National Post, in 2010 Toronto has seen an increase of nearly 40% in bed bug infestation. This number has been growing at a fast pace. Please contact us for Pest Control Bedbugs Vaughan services and we will be the solution to eliminate bed bugs in your home for good.

Our 5 step Plan includes:

A complete vacuum and steam of all furniture/ bedding/ treatable belongings. Along with a Dusting, Residual and Bedlam Treatment to kill any bugs and eggs.


Helping you to get rid of rodents:

Rats and Mice have grown in population over the years in the GTA. They tend to make their way indoors as temperatures drop in the winter. These unwanted guests will spread through your home or business quickly as they explore for food. We have a large presence in Pest Control Vaughan and can help solve any size of rodent infestation. Please call us for a full explanation of treatment and free quote.

Speedy Pest Control – Big or Small, Speedy does it all!